Monday, December 6, 2010

Hurley's Tron Commercial: I Don't Know What to Think Here

I totally stole this video from Hurley. Sorry, lock me up. Anyways, I'm kind of at a crossroads with this video. On the one hand, we have motocross getting some recognition here, Hurley using a pro rider to market their brand through a mainstream ad campaign. On the other hand, it's Tron. When did Tron become cool again? Actually, shit, scratch that again, it wasn't cool in the first place, was it? It came out in the 80s, so I can't really say that I know anything about it. When I heard about this new Tron movie, I definitely thought how ridiculous that sounded. Like, I'm pretty sure the "Tron Guy" is more famous than the original Tron movie. And why does Ivan Tedesco really need to be in this ad? They don't use his name or anything, so it's not like he is really contributing to any sales. Maybe they could use him for cheap, since they already pay him anyway. All I know is that he is quickly going to start getting recognized as the actor playing this guy: 


  1. How rich was that gas mixed? Shit, look at it at 11 seconds, idleing with smoke coming out. That must be some high quality old school Golden Sprectro mixed at about a 20:1 ratio right there.

  2. Ivan Trondesco........I made that one up