Monday, December 13, 2010

I Am So Confused Here.

One of the BROtoers on the BROto Facebook page asked me to talk about this Freeman bro. This is one of those posts that I really debated with doing or not, because by posting it, I am only fueling the fire. But I have to ask, how is this kid popular? Ok, I have never heard of him before last week, but still, he has multiple YouTube vids with well over 100,000 views, and this one has around 350,000. He's also a Partner, which means that yes, he makes money from doing this ridiculous shit. If you have not yet heard my opinion on quads, let me fill you in -  my disdain for their existence is unrelenting. But here's some more knowledge for you: I think goon riding sucks. Like, so many people think that they can be funny and do it, but honestly, there are only like five people on the planet that can get a laugh out of me from goon riding. The rest of them just look pathetic. It's like watching a low budget clown at a birthday party. No one is amused, and he just tries harder and harder, but to no avail. Anyways, here we have a double dose of piss-Eazy-off formula: A quad goon rider. And he's Canadian! Ugh. Ok, I have nothing against Canada (looking at you, Matthes), but for some reason, I just feel like it strengthened my argument against him. Back to my original topic, this is one of those times where I just don't understand the behavior of the masses. Why do so many people watch this kid's shit? It's not funny, interesting, extreme, radical, or adult-oriented. Please, Freeman, fill me in, what's the secret to getting popular without actually doing anything?

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