Thursday, December 9, 2010

On Any Sunday: Part Deux (or is it Trois?) in the Works

From Racer X - Fullerton, CA - Though still in development stages, the next addition to the iconic "On Any Sunday" film franchise began shooting this past weekend at the Red Bull Catalina Grand Prix under the guidance of Director Dana Brown. Dana's previous credits include "Dust To Glory", "Step Into Liquid" and most recently "High Water". For his next project, Dana will continue the beautiful photography, eye-catching sequences and wonderful storytelling that his father Bruce Brown started with the Academy Award nominated "On Any Sunday" (1971) that has become the hallmark for motorcycle movies.

"We had a great, great shoot this weekend," says Director Dana Brown. "The racers and fans were fantastic, the racing was exciting and backdrops of Catalina and Avalon were just perfect. We could not have picked a better event to begin shooting the next 'On Any Sunday' film!" Though no formal name for the next film has been decided, it will include "On Any Sunday" as part of it. Full release here.

This could go one of two ways: It will be absolutely epic or will crash and burn harder the kids in the videos I am planning on showing you later today. Here is one universal truth: the original On Any Sunday is the best motorcycle movie ever made. Period. If you disagree, come see me for an emergency bitch slap, because you are an idiot. That's why I say that this movie could be a terribly bad idea. How are you going to top your dad's film, BRO? Like, it was nominated for an Oscar, that's how good it was. Not to mention it had the catchiest theme song ever, no doubt about it. I am whistling it right now and will continue to do so for the rest of the day, that's a fact. If you think any of the other garbage that's coming out these days is heading for that kind of acclaim, you are once again an idiot, see me for your bitch slap. They show On Any Sunday on Fuel TV pretty much every week, and each time I sit down with my popcorn and mango juice and enjoy like I am getting a simultaneous BJ, even though I'm not. It's that good. So good luck to you, Dana Brown, you have some fat shoes to fill.

Side note: What the hell is this Catalina GP thing? I had not heard anything about it until a week ago, now it's getting covered like Michael Jackson and OJ Simpson both touched little boys then killed their wives together. Pastrana and a bunch of Red Bull guys did it, and it actually looked like a pretty cool race, like the Elsinore GP in On Any Sunday. Perhaps that is why they were filming the new movie there. Wow, I made a connection. Neat.

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