Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Skullcandy MX Gear, Let's Talk About It

From Transworld - During a recent visit to Answer Racing, we snapped off a couple spy photos with our iPhone of some pretty rad gear we spotted laying on a design table. Check it out. Stay tuned to Answer’s Facebook page for info.

Apparently Skullcandy has this collab gear with Answer on the burner. It doesn't surprise me that they are working on gear, what does, however, is that they are doing this with Answer. Why would they choose to work with Answer? I did my homework, and none of their team riders ride for Answer. I don't think any of them even ride for MSR (you know, Tucker Rocky). The reason that I question this so much is that, honestly, Answer's gear has historically been pretty uninspiring. Like even after they revamped their brand image about 5 years ago, it's still been pretty stock. Let's see something with some personality, Answer. Maybe this Skullcandy collab is what they need, because you guys know that Skullcandy hocks some product that I actually support. It's funny, there was actually an ad for Bubba's World last year where James hits a big double and looks at the camera with his hand up to his helmet. He's just wearing straight white gear, it might even be a sweatsuit. That was the only time I was fascinated by a set of Answer gear, and it didn't even have the brand logo on it. Step it up, Answer, this stuff is better than what I've been seeing:

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