Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Well That Was Quick: Albertson is Off AG/KTM

 From Vurb - Abingdon, Virginia – AG Motorsports/KTM and Jimmy Albertson have decided to part ways just one week after the two agreed to an East Coast Supercross Lites ride for the 2011 season.

The decision was made by both parties that Jimmy would not have the time to be fully tested and comfortable on a 250F before the East Coast Supercross rounds begin in Houston on February 12th. Jimmy had been training and riding a 450 for the last year and dropping horsepower is a hard task to accomplish in a short amount of time. Not to mention changing manufactures. Jimmy is comfortable on his Honda 450 and moving to the KTM 250 was a big change in feel and horsepower. Full Release here.

"Congrats Jimmy, welcome to the team." "Um yeah, we need to talk..." Listen, I understand that it's probably tough for Jimmy to be racing a 250, especially when he was doing so well on a 450 before in the States. But how would he really not have enough time to get dialed in for the East? It's a solid two months away, and he's clearly been riding it for at least a little while. Of course, the logic in this move is probably in the fact that this AG Motorsports team is pretty much a full privateer effort. Jimmy has already proven himself on a privateer 450, so he figures he's most likely better off on a 450 through his own effort than on a 250 through this team. It's like running your own growing business for $20,000 or working a dead-end job for $30,000. Honestly, once you think about it that way, probably the better move. Sorry AG, but for Albertson, you were a dead-end job. He can probably get some killer bikes from Trey, and you know he'll just get to live there and practice with him. Nice, Albertson, you pulled a fast one on me there. By the way this is easily the quickest someone has left a team from announcement of their involvement to announcement of their departure. One week, I believe? Might even be less, got to get the facts on that.

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