Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Levi LaVallee's Record NOmobile Jump

Can I call it or can I call it? I said it right away when I heard about his crash, there was going to be no snow involved with this jump, and instantly it loses the majority share of its cool factor. They even do it in Southern California, like just as a slap in the face to the term "snowmobile". What is the point? Sick bro, you jumped really far on a giant contraption with skis and a track. Funniest thing is that if you watch carefully, it looks like they sprinkled a dusting of some type of snow substitute on the runway and takeoff, as if to say "Yeah, uh huh, it's snowmobiling. See, look, snow." I don't think so. At least a solid two feet of packed powder or get the fuck out of here. Like, what does the snowmobile community think of this? They can't be into it, no way. It's just turning what they do into a circus act.

This LaVallee guy seems like the friendly type, but he is quickly gaining a reputation as the King of Embellished Truth with yours truly. We have this jump, but let's not forget that double backflip a couple of years ago. He totally crashed on that shit, and jumped up and claimed it like he had ridden away from a triple backflip while nailing his girlfriend in the butt. Dude, you didn't land it. The only difference from what you did and landing on your head was that you didn't die. Sure, you can be psyched about that, but that's a situation where you just take a knee and count your blessings. Instead he threw a party on the landing of the jump like an asshole. Don't take a shit in a bowl and call it chocolate ice cream, Levi. For any of you that missed that jump, here's the vid: (Holy shit, even listen to the announcer "You've got to ride away for it to be valid. Can someone please go up and tell him?"

And I know, it's in bad taste to be bad-mouthing a guy who just got fucked up and is probably still in the hospital, but such is the nature of BROtocross. When I think of something, I write it. That's just how the world turns.


  1. You are an idiot and a hack. Enjoy your 15 minutes, it'll be over soon.

  2. Over soon? I'm pretty sure it's been over, chief.

  3. Haha someones butt hurt about no red bull limits this year.

  4. haha this guys jealous he cant think of the shit eazy does ^^^ turns out you suck and if you dont want to see whats being posted dont read it.