Monday, January 31, 2011

Congrats Quad Riders, This Is Your Mark On Society

This is not really moto related, but in a way, it is related to the enemy of BROtocross (one of the many, many out there). The enemy in this case is, of course, quads. I guess these Moore brothers are quad riders turned snowmobilers, and from the looks of this trick, that doesn't surprise me the least bit. This is the type of trick that you could do with one hand, blindfolded, and then make it rain hundreds from the sky when you land and it would still be dumb as shit. Only a couple of quad riders would think to do this. They were probably trying to get a thrill behind the barn one night and figured out that they could backflip while having incestuous gay sex with each other. Believe what you want, but to me that is just wrong, incestuous gay sex. We have to stop the quad riders before they really do some damage to our society. Thank God this didn't get a score. But of course, I'd say that all snowmobiles are pretty much the quads of the winter, so there was really no way around the retarded factor for anyone in this event. Here's a video of the actual trick, and if anyone says "That was gnarly" or "Awesome trick, bro", I'll be making house calls to snap jaw bones.

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