Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Obvious Comments From Oakland

In Oakland, every side of the tracks is the shitty side.

Ken Roczen goes fast as shit, but also goes to shit fast.

Josh Hansen rips the whoops. Every lap.

Kevin Windham's fan base is still huge. Probably because he does radical transfers in the dark during opening ceremonies like a ninja or something.

The churros guy behind industry seating during practice got his little song stuck in my head. I'm thinking about filing charges for attempted manslaughter.

Kyle Cunningham is kind of fast. And by kind of, I mean hella.

I cannot buy a solid week in the fantasy league. Even though my picks are rock solid.

The pits need to close earlier. Every mullet and beer belly in the joint wants to take pics with the Monster girls and every time they back up to get the shot, they bump into me. No matter where I am.

Speaking of Monster girls, they are kind of good looking. See the Cunningham comment.

The race was over the second Villopoto went down. Except the race for second.

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