Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Have You Seen This TW Video? Get Me A Ticket For The Tomac Bandwagon

This is the latest in the Raw series from Transworld. I know that video can be deceiving, but by the looks of this one, Tomac has got a solid two or three seconds a lap on Cunningham and Grant. I don't know if the track deteriorated over time or what, but Tomac is on a fucking rail out there. Embarrassing Grant on the factory 450. Sure, I probably give the 19 some points for the first name, but who doesn't? If your not with me on this wagon, go to 1:02 and check those two rhythms, then I'll see you in the driver's seat.


  1. Grant and KC don't look like they are in attack mode. They are also both wearing hoodies, meaning they weren't even warmed up. Yes, I'm sure it was cold out, but they would still be to hot with hoodies on if they were working hard.

  2. ET is definitely looking good...He has his flow dialed in, on this track for sure. I mean if anyone doubted his talent you had to be crazy, i think the one thing that kills him is the pressure.

    As for KC, I think he looked pretty bad, I mean warmed up or not, he just looked like he was piecing the track together like a 2 year old mashing puzzle pieces together. Dont get me wrong KC is a super fast but judging him on just this track and the riders alone i think he looked like poop.

    JG, I think this dude is just trying to learn how to tame that beast of a 450. He barely touches the throttle and that thing is jumpin from under his legs.