Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Kawi Update Out of Left Field: Jake Moss

From Racer X - Two sources have confirmed that Australian Jake Moss will replace Jake Weimer on the Monster Energy Kawasaki starting as early as Phoenix (Jan. 15). Weimer recently suffered a broken arm and is expected to return later in the season.  There was talk of the replacement ride going to Josh Hansen, but Hansen will be competing alongside Broc Tickle and Tyla Rattray in the West Coast Supercross Lites series.

So Kawasaki couldn't have timed that better. Just make me look like a complete asshole. I honestly didn't even consider the possibility of Jake Moss, which is pretty stupid since he rode for them in '09 and delivered some results outdoors. But come on, he's from Australia. You pretty much have to check daily to make sure that continent still exists or hasn't been taken over by India. Moss is pretty fast, and there happens to be two of him (Matt is his twin), but I kind of doubt that this deal covers both brothers. How much do you want to bet that there's a clause in that contract that says if Jake gets hurt Matt has to stand in for him, as Jake? Hey, it's a theory, it's probably wrong. Seriously though, Jake Moss is kind of a wild rider, which probably contributes to the fact that he's had about as much success indoors as that bull in the china shop people talk about. Did you see that collision that he had with Troy Adams last year at Dallas? Here's the vid for those that didn't, it was a doozy. Doozie? doosy? doosie? How the fuck do you spell that, Firefox is denying me every time. Probably not a word, but I refuse to accept that as a possibility. I'm going to stay on this, you watch the video. Best of luck to Jake and, especially so, all the riders around him.


  1. Kawi might want to line up a replacement rider for their replacement rider, just to be safe.

  2. hahaha good one: "Kawi might want to line up a replacement rider for their replacement rider, just to be safe. "
    but in all honesty, it looked like a good pass gone bad, had it worked it would have been sick. when weimer comes back will he still be o the team?