Monday, January 3, 2011

MX in the Mainstream. Grandma Got Runover By A KLX125

So I was watching a re-run of Tosh.O on Comedy Central the other day and he featured this video on the show. Yes, we're going big time, everyone. No more McDonald's for us. It's just champagne and caviar from here on out.

It's pretty mind-blowing to ponder what separates those with the gift and what doesn't. All I know is that some people have it and some don't. Having actually worked as an instructor, I will tell you right now, getting a rider the first ten feet is easily 3/4 of the battle. Teaching someone how to coordinate their throttle and clutch is probably about as difficult as explaining to your son that a butt pirate is not an acceptable anti-smoking mascot. This woman had no shot, right from the start. I love that there is not even a thought to give her a helmet. Old lady in heels? She'll be a natural, all day long. It looks like she's also wearing a leather jacket, so of course she got some Marlon Brando points. She's an easy rider, for sure.

Honestly, these people seem to sympathize with the old ass woman in the wheelchair, but fuck that. What was she thinking? Get out of the way, you old bag. God, she ruined everything, that lady would have been sending the plywood ramp that is surely in the backyard if it wasn't for that old bitch. Like, get off your lazy ass and go bake some cookies or something.

And finally, thank you, oh thank you, for the guy at 1:20 in the bandana. A true man's man, he knows where a woman's real place is, and that's on his unit while he's drinking a beer, not on a motorcycle.


  1. This might have been funny if it wasn't so fucking old, good to see BROtocross is on the cutting edge of entertainment. Keep up the good work by finding old clips that everyone has seen.

  2. First off who the fuck writes as Anonymous and tries to bash... Sorry dude that you sit on Youtube all day and have no fuckin life

  3. i agree with anonymous about anonymous, total bull.

    more importantly, hilarious that the grandmother is an afterthought not only to the younger woman that CAUSED the goddamn accident, but also the motorcycle

  4. I thought this whole site was about bashing and hating people anonymously, right? So don't hate the playa, hate the game guys. Unless 'Eazy' is this guys real name, all you have is some kid that has way to much time on his hands, and fulfills his "fuckin life" by trying to make fun of other people...All I'm saying is if he's going to do it, be original.

    Anonymously Yours,