Tuesday, January 25, 2011

THIS Is The Reporter Who Was So Upset About Supercross in LA?

I have to say, I honestly feel bad for writing about this guy now. He just looks so helpless and weak in this picture, like he is so vulnerable to even the most delicate blow to his mental state. All Tom Hoffarth wants to do is a little bit of curling. I'll bet he is so happy with that. He doesn't look like an asshole, he looks like one of the kids in school who gets his books knocked over in the hallway then has to pick them up in front of the cheerleaders and the cool kids with no help at all. Everyone is looking and laughing, maybe kicking a book just out of his reach before he can wrap his chubby fingers around it. Then his lunch box opens up and spills all of his food everywhere. And while he's picking that up, someone bumps into him and his glasses come off and then a passer by unwittingly steps on them. He picks them up slowly with his squinty little eyes tearing up, wondering when, oh when, will it all get better. I'm here to say that I would help you, Tom. I would help pick up your books, and we could even share lunch together. But not the Snack Pack. That's mine. I feel like I need to make a video with a blanket over my head and lots of eye shadow: "Leave Tommy alone! Leave him alone!"


  1. So your taking the snack pack? Sounds like YOU'RE the ass hole.

  2. I don't think lymanx53 gets it...

  3. Still doesnt change the fact that he's still an asshole. I mean he had a sortakinda apology that really doesnt change the fact hes a deal.