Tuesday, January 25, 2011

It's Always BROwing In Norway

Arctic Ruts Motocross Movie teaser #1 from Bendik Johnsgard on Vimeo.

Do people really think this is cool? Have you ever ridden in cold weather before? Quite possibly the least amount of fun you can possibly have on a motorcycle. Like, there's snow on the ground, find something else to do. Go skiing, build an igloo, I don't care. But it's not the time to be suiting up and hitting the track. It's just a constant struggle to keep the bike on two wheels. Not to mention you freeze your dick off probably five times a lap. Oh, you can probably scrub like a fucking champ, right up until you land and your tires slide out from under you (psst, it's because you're riding on frozen fucking water on top of frozen fucking terrain, dumbass). One more thing: why do Euros not drive pick-ups or SUVs? Like, ever? They are so much more practical for hauling a motorcycle, Europe. Get on the bandwagon.


  1. What? Really? Seriously? This last week I rode three times. At times in 18 degrees weather. Yeah ice on the ground. Ruts filled with ice covered water. Yeah you can see your breath. I didn't freeze my dick off. I was sweating. Normally I'm down with you, but this time... Riding in this stuff gives you the skills to handle slippery nasty conditions. Those guys love to ride, and will stop at nothing to do it. Which is awesome! So don't sit on your 78 degree couch a talk shit about people riding in cold weather if you're not up to it.

    Think about it. What's cooler?

    1. Guys riding in nasty conditions cause they love to ride. Doing whips and what-not on snow.


    2. Pissed off dude bashing people on his blog.

  2. I think it's cool as shit. I loved Donny Schmit going buckwild on the ice. Mad props. You gotta point the gun in the right direction, Eazy.

  3. im with eZ get a snowboard or move to cali

  4. Schmit on ice is one thing. I've studded my tires and spun some circles. If I had the equipment I'd build something on the ice like the legend Donny. But I'm with Eazy. These guys are just looking to eat shit. Winter is time to hit the guy and work on off season conditioning.