Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Who Should Get The Kawi Spot?

 Who's going to be the first replacement rider of the year? Weimer is the first to break himself off (of the big factory guys, Swanepoel got worked before him, I believe). Kawi's go-to replacement guy, Nick Wey, actually has a legit ride this year, so they are up shit's creek. Luckily, the budget for everyone is up that same brown creek, minus a paddle, so there are plenty of riders who either don't have a ride or have one that they'd give up for a day in the big rig faster than Four Lokos hit the mainstream. The obvious choice based purely on the simplest metric possible, riding ability, is Pourcel. And just like Steve Butabi, he's clear, nothing on the calendar. But Christophe apparently burned some bridges over at the Kawasaki by Monster tent, so that's definitely not going to happen. There was a pretty good amount of chatter on the interweb that Izzi is going to get the spot, but I cannot see that happening. Seriously, what did that kid do in 2010 to suggest that he's ready to hop on a 450 and be a competitor? That would honestly just be more embarrassing for every party involved than beneficial. Jimmy Albertson is another rider who is available, and one who has proven ability on a 450. Jimmy's also one of those nice people that you read about. Definitely a great choice to represent your team during the autograph sessions. But on a supercross track, he hasn't really done too much, to my memory, so that is a definite concern for the Kawi guys. I mean, it's the Monster Energy Supercross series, they need those Monster bikes up front.

I hope they call Reed, just to see what he says. It's not going to happen, but could you imagine? "Hey, buddy, listen, I know we basically fired you and you've since hated us, but how about riding our bike? We'll let you drive the truck, even honk the horn, too." Chad doesn't have an energy drink sponsor anymore, right? He might be having withdrawals from seeing cases of unopened free beverage product sitting unused and unloved in his garage. Like, he needs to know that if he wanted to, he could drink all of that shit. Now he can't, he just doesn't have those opportunities. Cue the Sarah McLachlan music.

There was a LOT of discussion amongst the computer crowd that Hansen was going to get this spot, which I would love like a child loves the boxes that expensive toys come in. Just to further document this kid's rise to the top of the crop from the fucking bottom. And in all reality, it makes sense. Hansen won a title on that bike in Australia, and he's podiumed three years in a row on it at X-Games, two of which were wins. But, to punch everyone's Hansen boner, that now looks like it's not going to happen. Supposedly, Mitch is sending him to the West coast for 250s. Dude, bummer.

I say Kawi should send Pourcel an offer, just for shits. He's certainly a tough negotiator (or a stupid one, as the case may be), but get some sales guys in there and work all your angles, Team Green. Maybe promise him a little alone time with the Monster girls. Stronger men have faltered for less. And the thing is, even if he hasn't been training, he'll still probably be top five material. That slippery French fucker has always got something up his sleeve.

Of course, we cannot overlook the more than distinct possibility that Kawasaki will just cut their losses and wait for Weimer to heal up. The kid can still do autographs. Oh wait, he broke his arm. Which one was it? Doesn't matter, if it's his signing hand, he'll learn to do it with the other one, and Kawi can spin a him as kind of a Radio-type character, Cuba Gooding Jr style. The special boy with a heart of gold who can coincidentally twist the throttle on a motorcycle. This could be a blessing in disguise, Kawasaki. The lie's the...I mean...the sky's the limit.

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