Thursday, February 3, 2011

Boston Murders Everywhere Else In Racer X's Latest Poll

From Racer X - SX is in the middle of visiting two venues it didn't go to last year. Where would you like to see it visit next?

Say what you want about Boston, but we win shit. That's what we do. Unless it's a fluke (Pats this year, and in '07). Sometimes it happens. But at the end of the day, we win in Boston. Titletown, bitches. Running the show. And this Racer X poll is no exception. You might be thinking "No way could Boston, a city of barely over half a million with about two tracks within two hours, get 70% of the votes for a supercross." But you're wrong. There doesn't need to be a logical explanation. Boston just kills it, at everything. That's your logical explanation, and if you don't like it, then just grab your shit and leave, because you clearly can't handle what we're bringing in Boston. I just hope Feld sees this, because clearly there is some money to be made in the Bean. Suck it, New York. 1500 votes? Why don't you go play in the park and let the big boys settle this?

And there is no way this was fixed. I don't know why, but it just wasn't. So don't rain on my parade, okay?


  1. What did the Pats win this year? I'd bet some kid from MIT hacked these results

  2. They should throw Washington DC into the mix now that they have LA and Oakland. It can be like some type of getto trifecta that can have it's own purse goin to the guy that does well at all three of those shit holes.


  3. ^HAHA thats a great idea. The Rockstar Energy Triple Crown of Keepin it Hood

    -Gary Johnson

  4. So fixed. NYC, the city that actually wins all the time *ahem*, was way out front in the polls. Until it was fixed. Next time you're hacking, Eazy, remember to make it subtle.

  5. fuck yeah supercross already goes to Toronto, what the fuck is the difference between there and Boston a thousand miles, feld has no fucking excuse why there isn't a race here, not sure if theyd sell it out? well then fuck you, people from 5 states worth of mx fans that have been fiending for an SX race to come by here, if they dont race here the fucking stupid, fucking stupid i tell you RETARDED AHHHHHHH

  6. As much as I would love to see a supercross in Boston it most likely would never happen, sorry to be the douche that reports actualities not fantasies.

    The Event Insurance would be insane for the event because there are no closed arenas or stadiums that could handle a SX. Boston did have a SX, way back in like the 80s, Once and you know why it never came back, because it rained like a motherfucker.

    Now as much as I love Boston and it being the greatest sports city in the world, I would have to say that the closest we will get to a SX in the northeast is the new meadowlands. It would just have to be one of the final rounds to guarantee that the weather would be warm enough.

    Just the facts fuckers