Monday, February 28, 2011

BROment of the Season

That's right, we're starting off this week with the BROment of the Week because this one was no contest at all. Might as well have been Holyfield against Ghandi, and I'm not talking a starve-off, BRO. Pretty sure that everyone - audience, riders, mechanics, hell, even lappers who saw this - let out a powerful and synchronic "Are you serious, bro?" This was great, exactly what I was expecting to see once Stewart and Regal sandwiched Reed like they were those guys in the shower scene in American History X. This one was coming for days, the last act of a desperate man. Not even trying to make fun of Reed, but that was the only way that he was going to win this race. You miss 100% of the shots you don't take, my man, and he fucking sent it. Sure, it may have sailed wide, but he took it, nonetheless. At least he still beat Stewart.

On an unrelated note, how many times did Emig say "He's going for the jugular" at ATL? I honestly can recall hearing him say it 5-7 times minimum. A phrase like that is like using the word "plethora" in a term paper; one and done, any more and you're really beating a dead horse. The dude definitely has one of those "phrase of the day" calendars, and that popped up on the 26th.


  1. that was a battle between Reed And Stewy. The other 18 riders did not matter, at least in Reed's head, along with mine watching. RV passed and I still didn't care, it was WHO'S GONNA GET TO THE LINE FIRST????(22 or 7)

  2. According to here is some shit he can use next weekend. I couldn't find anything for lappers or lap traffic since he like to beat those two to death.

    Main Entry: throaty
    Part of Speech: adjective
    Definition: pertaining to the throat
    Synonyms: deep, gruff, gular, guttural, hoarse, husky, jugular