Friday, February 18, 2011

Cartoon Network's Flaming. Jump. With Robbie Maddison.

Right now, BROment of the Week is strictly racing stuff. I know that so much more happens, but in my current state, my BROccounting abilities only go so far. I can't be expected to measure the BRO magnitude of everything involving a dirtbike, and it's cruel of you to expect it from me. All I know is that I saw this and immediately let out a solid "Are you serious, BRO," so I'm calling it the off-track BROment of the Week, even though it is at Pala.

Fire. It is always fucking fire. Why? What makes fire so essential to creating an atmosphere that promotes entertainment? I'm not even going to place any of the blame here on Maddo, because I am sure he had nothing to do with the flaming aspect of this stunt. Honestly, what does the fire really do? The danger aspect is more or less the same. I would be equally worried about jumping through a goal post or a flaming goal post. Hell, the riders probably love it because when people are dumb enough to think the fire makes it that much gnarlier, they don't have to add any real danger to the mix. All we're missing here is the "Supercross/Monster Trucks" voice guy yelling Maddo's name and then something rad like "Fire death jump!" Give me some of that and I'll give you a fucking production.

I love how the title of the video is "Flaming Backflip." Not Backflip Through Flames or something of that sort. I think the filmmaker is trying to covertly make fun of it. Kind of like those old Disney movies where the animators secretly drew the castles in the shapes of dicks.

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