Friday, February 18, 2011

Houston BROment of the Week: First Runner-Up

Ah, this one was painful for everyone. Like, when we all shouted in unison "Are you serious, BRO", it was with a very apparent chagrin. Second place BROment; they say second place is the first loser, and damn if that wasn't true here. No one came in first place for losing at Houston more than Windham, in the sense that that awesome motherfucker lost more than anyone. It was definitely the power of the audience that rocketed this bad larry into the top two. I mean, with only one rider involved, it had little-to-no fighting chance on paper. A one rider BROment facing off against a series of multi-rider instances? Fucking Cinderella story. Much like the win would have been for K-Dub if he didn't wad himself straight into oblivion. But like I said, the crowd really MADE this one. It's not an exaggeration that Windham consistently has one of the biggest fan bases out there. That shit has been constructed by a master architect; slowly, methodically, with layer upon layer of Dub worship. This one hurt to watch, right in your soul. Just give your own fighting spirit a swift kick in the imaginary testicles and you are right where you were when you watched this go down. We were more so talking to Jesus than Windham when he all sighed and reluctantly spoke those four simple, yet devastating words: "Are you serious, BRO?"


  1. I really think Eazy should have done a section about Chris Blose's BROment when he blew the whole race between Canard and Dungey on the last lap. Really bro, you're gonna dodge canard and hold up dungey on the last lap pass attemp?!

  2. ryan dungey is a flaming fagget alter boy who cares