Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Did James Stewart Stroke Out On The Podium At San Diego?

Definitely a nominee for BROment of the Week. It doesn't have to be a crash, folks, we're transcending that limit. This one was fucked from the get-go. Especially with the invented term - "rohula dance". Probably some sort of wacky combination of rain and hula dance. Sounds mystifying. But then he starts going off into incoherent land when he's talking about prayers, fans, and sponsors, only to follow it with "It's not going to be a perfect night". The fuck, man? Then he saw his San Manuel boss or something and remembered why he's up there: to plug the sponsors, bitch. But then he trips up yet again and forgets to throw Red Bull in there, only to toss it in as an afterthought. He quickly realizes that he fucked up again, and tosses the Hail Mary to wrap it up and bring back the fans - "Just happy to be an American." And he sticks the landing! Absolutely nails it. 10s across the board. We're happy you're an American, too, James. Fuck Yeah!!

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