Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dungey Quits Because His Chain Fell Off. Did His Dick Fall Off, Too?

The simple truth that I must disclose at the beginning of this post is that most of you are probably going to disagree with me here. It's something that I know, so let's move along amicably and with an open mind. That being said, what the fuck, Dungey? Your chain falls off and it's all over? BRO, you get that chain back on the bike and you get fucking going. Yeah, you risk it coming off again, but essentially you run that risk every time you get on the bike. That's not championship material right there. If the chain snaps, then fine, your night is done-gy. But when it just derails, throw it over the top teeth and roll that motherfucker backwards and you are GOLDEN. Just be nice and gentle with that throttle, BRO. If I was the big boss at Suzuki, Makita, or Rockstar, I would have been fucking bullshit. Like, ask any 7 year old what he does when his chain comes off his bike and he will tell you "Put that shit back on and get your ass out there". Direct quote, no lie. Yeah, it might fall off again on the face of the triple, if you're lucky. How about not being a bitch? Just land on your feet and run it out, BRO. Maybe tackle some other riders off their bikes in the air.

Seriously, though, I understand the concern, but I still think that he should have kept going. Like, Josh Grant finished a race with a tough block cover locking up his wheel in the air. Sure, it was for his first win, but whatever, BRO. Points are points, and now Dungey gets to watch from the sidelines as Stewart and Villopoto are running away from him. So study up, Ryan, because this bald-headed fairy can give you some serious schooling.


  1. You used to be witty but I get it, it's tough to be that good for any length of time and your time is up. Next time you want to bash a rider for his chain "just falling off", do a quick interweb search and you'll quickly discover that it wasn't the chain causing the problem. It was a damaged rear sprocket. Try to be a little less obvious when you're reaching for material to keep your blog fresh.

    BTW, I don't even like Done-G

  2. ummm...yea...the "reports" said that his sprocket is "damaged"...aka pr damage control duuuuuuuude.

  3. i heard it broke into 2 peices retard

  4. Oh shit bro, my integrity as a writer has been compromised. Oh yeah, no one cares.

  5. Whichever...

    First: If the chain just came off. Put it back on and risk it. Yes I would & have and I'm not getting nearly the $ he is... In fact I lose money. All the time. Yes, I'm that good.

    Second: If something was broke, it's just broke. What can you do? Oh yeah, the post race interview which he declined.

    BTW, Yes I'm a Dungey fan.

  6. the jist of the story is that dungey is not the rider everyone including him thought he was and the fact that he couldnt get it back on and baby it to better than last place and couldnt even talk about it just proves this fact.....and im sure he retired to his trailer to have a good cry cause hes a bitch.....