Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Roczen is 350 Bound. Yeah, He's Cooked.

 From Racer X - Racer X has confirmed that the Red Bull KTM has granted Ken Roczen their approval to race in the AMA Supercross class this weekend in Houston, on a 350.  Roczen, the 16-year-old import from Germany, finished a season-best third at Anaheim 2 in the Lites class last weekend, will ride the 350 as the Monster Energy AMA Supercross tour opens up its East Region for the Lites riders. Roczen, who plans to head back to Europe next month to focus on the MX2 FIM World Championship, is presently ranked sixth in the West Region. Houston will mark his first major race in the premier class.

So Ken is officially riding the 350 this weekend at Houston, and you can mortgage the house on a bet that he is going to hate his life afterward. I heard Ralph say during the 250 show this weekend "I wonder if that will be good enough to get him a ride on the 350 next weekend at Houston" and I'm pretty sure my mind literally melded with Roczen's in the moments directly after as we simultaneously thought "Good God, I hope not." But Kenny is a victim of his own success and now he has to suffer through the dismal experience that is the 350 in the 450 class. I can just picture Ken asking Roger a while ago "Hey, eef all goes vell, do you think I could get a chance to ride zee 450 clazz?" Then Roger responds "Yeah, we might be able to get you on the 350 for a race" and Ken just reverts to the "There's no Santa Clause" countenance of an 8 year old. He tries to correct Roger but you just don't correct Roger. It doesn't happen. He wanted the 450, he got the 350. That's 78%. Fucking C+, dude.

Of course, it's worth mentioning that Roczen did battle with Townley on a fucking 250 at MXoN, so he's probably more fit to ride a big that needs to be revved to the moon than "Driving Miss Daisy" Andrew Short and "4th Gear Corner, BRO" Mike Alessi.

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  1. It'll be an interesting experience for sure. I'm wondering what his experience is on the 450... err.. 350. Maybe he's like Christophe Pourcel who was known to ride a 450 during the week, then a 250 at the races.

    I wish him luck. He's fun to watch. Just no telling if he'll blow up the competition or just blow up. Either way riding the 450... ummm... 350, he'll get some more experience in SX. Which, we all know he needs.