Monday, February 14, 2011

East BROast Debut Reaction

Well I'd say the 250 East just fucking humiliated the West. Not that the riders are better or anything, but that race was WAY better than anything that comes to mind from the West coast. Maybe the AMA really should think about capping the age for riders in the 250 class. Most of the kids riding East are young guys. I mean, in the top 10, I'm pretty sure that at least seven of those riders are under 20 (I'm not positive and don't really care enough to find out). The East BROs are just too young to give a fuck. Christ, the amount of candidates for BROment of the Week: Houston edition are enough that I'm going to need to hire some illegals fresh across the border to handle the workload (granted, there's definitely a few from the 450 class, as well).

Barcia takes the W with the fresh, new "I'm a man, who said I wasn't?!" BROtee, which in my honest BROpinion makes his face look like you could land a fucking 747 on it. He grows facial hair that is pretty much the exact same color as his skin, so that shit might as well be an extension of his chin. Kid's giving Leno a hard run for his money. Oh, and he was also going wicked fast. The style quotient in the East is killing it. When you've got Barcia, Wilson, and "style-Rembrandt" Jason Anderson in the same class, you've got a style overload. But as a guy who appreciates good sty, I'm cool with such a BROverload. Like, take a guy like my boy DJS #490. If he could develop even a stench of style, he could convince people that he's just taking in the track. "No worries, just scoping out lines, BRO." It would do wonders, Damon. But yeah, there's more than a few slayers on the East that have a style that makes you wonder if their bikes weigh like 20 pounds or something with those ridiculous tosses on pretty much every feature.

And what the fuck is Wilson complaining about? That race was great, and he knows damn well that if he'd finished in front, the shoe would be on the other table which would have been turned. 


  1. Crazy fast that Barcia...But if he doesn't keep winning or battling for wins he's gonna be just another teenager experimenting with his first batch of facial hair...and most of the time that just looks creepy and weird.


  2. "Aj Catanzaro is the new Jimmy Decotis" - Vurb Moto.

    Oh ok..