Monday, February 14, 2011

I Think Dungey Owes Me A Helmet Sticker Or Something

Ok, let's get one thing straight: Dungey reads BROtocross. Fact. Inked up, in black pen. Most of you guys might think that BROtocross is just a medium through which I can make fun of motocross for my own low-minded amusement, but it's actually a revolutionary form of athlete motivation through which I am able to resurrect riders from the tailspin that their careers have trended towards. Get on Dungey for quitting with a derailed chain last week, BOOM; he's bringing it 2010 style at Houston. Sure, he didn't win, but halfway through that race, Canard had run away from him like a woman from any man in a trench coat. I was ready to write on my cute little note sheet that Dungey was history, an after thought. But then the kid turns it to eleven and catches Canard like a hypochondriac always seems to catch a cold. Weird, right? But yeah, I'm taking full credit for that ride. I'm pretty sure that Dungey didn't do anything different, just woke up, ate some Wheaties, and checked BROto, only to find his name and a question as to the functionality of his "unit". That kicked his mind's ass and now he's got a solid podium to build on. You're welcome, bro. Remember in 2010 when Dungey would get a start anywhere even near the top five and you pretty much changed the channel because the race was over? Well the times, they are a changin'. But he looked more like 2010 Dungey and less like 2011 Done-gy at Houston.

I'm also taking some credit for Shorty's ride, although I still maintain my position that the 350 is the moto equivalent of bringing a knife to a machine gun fight. My reason for only semi-crediting myself is that I think DeCoster had this plan that bringing Roczen up to ride the 350 would light a fire under Short's and Alessi's asses. Like, why would he bring another rider up? Uh oh, the sponsors are not pumped. Your getting fired, bro. But Short's 5th and Alessi's 10th (haha, 10th?) are fucking phenomenal compared to the rest of their results. Short actually looked solid in the heat race, much better than before. Once again, you're welcome, bro. Oh, and I guess Alessi, too. 10th. Eh.

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  1. I think it's hilarious that Roczen finished ahead of Alessi in the main. Daha. All bets are that Alessi isn't riding for KTM next year.