Friday, February 18, 2011

THE Houston BROment of the Week

This one was almost too close to call for me. It really came down to a judgment call from the BROmmissioner, who is also me, so that's convenient. I know that by this logic, one of them should have been the first runner up, but you know what? Get fucked, how's that for logic? Obviously, anything that happens involving James Stewart falling is going to be a front runner, so the two I am clearly talking about are the Thomas incident and the first turn pile-up. The first turn also included powerhouses like Villopoto and Reed, so it does seem to be a serious contender. But the Stewart-Thomas incident sent out waves of BROactions. That shit lasted way past the race, while the first turn debacle pretty much ended there. Kind of like when riders do signature gear, they might be tempted to take the flat rate upfront payment, but it's the 5% of revenue from sales that's going to be buying Lambos in a year, BRO. That's why your BROment of the Week goes to James Stewart and Jason Thomas!

I am literally 150% sure that the very first thought from both riders (at least once Thomas regained consciousness) was "Are you fucking serious, BRO?" It's the type of BROment that both guys are going to blame 100% on the other guy (no matter what they say to the press, you ignant fools). Great week in BROment history, and with a mudder in the works tomorrow, I'm thinking it's going to be like fucking Christmas.

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  1. Yeah, Thomas totally crossed lines, going from outside to outside like that. Weak JT, weak.

    Did James hire Tony Alessi to strong arm TWMX for the rights to Kickstart this week?