Monday, February 21, 2011

Knee Jerk Reaction To San Diego

So the San Diego 450 race was more or less out of the Twilight Zone. The beginning of the 450 main was basically one large BROment. I mean, look at that picture. Two 350s, Reed, Dungey, and I'm pretty sure Millsaps was up there, too. Maybe making me look like an idiot, but more importantly, making me look like a genius. I said it last week, BROtocross might just be the most revolutionary motivational tool to ever hit the scene. Of course, as far as the start that the 350s got, let's not get ahead of ourselves here. I said it before and I'll say it again, there are always going to be some outliers in the statistics. When you throw guys like Short and Alessi on the line, they could be on 250s and would still get a couple of starts. So don't expect me to be hopping on that bandwagon anytime soon. But on to the motivational tool that is BROtocross. I know I took credit for Dungey's ride last week, and I'm just going to keep on riding that train and say "You're welcome, Chad." No thanks is necessary, it's really not that difficult for me. TwoTwo Motorsports pirouettes into the winner's circle and I'm still waiting on my book deal, probably a collab with Tony Robbins or some other staple motivational figure. Not that I need him, but he'll probably drive in a few more sales outside the MX circles, and Sales are king, bitches. That might have to be the tagline. Anyhoo, Reed proved me wicked wrong with that win, and Stewart did too, as that may just have been the slowest 3rd place ride I've ever seen. James was pretty much out there idling around. Some may say smart, I say boring as an opera about waiting at the DMV in a nursing home. Like, give me a fucking break, smart riding. Please, the dude looked like shit, whether it was by choice or not remains to be seen, but I think Stewart might actually be scared of himself now after that incident with Thomas. He looks like Ricky Bobby after he has the fear, minus the windmills. And what was up with his podium speech after the heat race? Expect something on that BROment this week...

In the 250s, Eli is keeping the name proud. That kid straight murdered everyone out there. I'm going to allow him a pass on to the style bus, too, because he has some solid fucking movements out there on the bike. So far, he's in the company of fellow 250 riders Christian Craig, Barcia, Jason Anderson, and Dean Wilson. Roczen is looking good for a spot, too, but since he's an international there are a lot of visa and other bureaucratic issues to be dealt with, you understand.

And how about Jimmy D-sel? So hot right now. Kid was shutting down the incredibly small number of haters out there. Almost won that heat race, in fact he would have if he hadn't tangled with Paluzzi coming out of the turn where Tickle ultimately passed them both. Then, he passes Hanny in the main and starts pulling on Mitch's boys. He clearly tightened up, because before the 7th or 8th lap, he had a solid hold on that 2nd spot. He definitely pulled Rattray and Tickle, take that to the bank. Now he's got plenty of time to train and get into 100% shape before the next race. Yeah, that storm is coming, bitches.

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  1. i agree, jimmy d is fucking nasty and i hope he reads this shit, because hes making new england proud