Monday, February 28, 2011

I Found The Poster Boy For BROtocross OldSkool The Dot Com

I tweeted this yesterday, but I really think it needs to be shown to the rest of you that don't follow BROtocross on Twitter like a bunch of anti-progressive cavemen. My man BK posted this pic on the BRO FB page and I was instantly blown away. Some dude named Ruben P. Gonzalez absolutely throwing down in his heyday. Completely geared up from the shoulders down, but nothing on the dome. It's a bold move, but it opens up the door to a lot of opportunities. Toothpaste and hair product endorsements are so much more possible with this approach. And with my movie, the cam crew would have a much easier time getting face shots. Like, that's one of the worst things about every feature MX movie, the retarded inside-the-helmet face shots. Problem solved, let's make a film. This man has what it takes to bring BROtocross to the big screen. If I were to make another site for the old guys, it would be with the consultancy of this man right here. He would work that shit like he's working this knee whip. No helmet, no problem.

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