Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Kawi's Replacement Rider Syndrome

Nice hustle, Kawasaki. Way to keep them honest. Other than Villopoto, or Hanny, or Wilson, or Tickle, or Baggett, what is up with this team? The second spot on the factory team just can't seem to work out for anyone. Weimer is outski, and their decision maker for that spot clearly has the avian flu or mad cow or something, because that task has apparently fallen on Joey Bag O' Doughnuts or some other clown. Moss was kind of a toss up, sure, but he does have some real results against legit competition (read: American), so I'll give you that one. But then he gets hurt and you bring in Fabio Frenchy to get the job done? What was most likely an attempt to find the "Ted Williams (homeless voice-over guy, not ball player) of Supercross" has churned out a scenario that happens the other 99.9% of the time: Failure. Sure, Izoird might have a French and Euro SX championship under his belt, but fucking Supercross in Europe is like soccer in America - forgotten. Actually no, because to be forgotten, at one point it would have had to be on people's minds. You get the picture. The guy didn't make the main, and he doesn't have a 350 to let that blame fall on. And don't give me the "He's warming up to the bike" argument. If your warming up results aren't even good enough to make the main, you, my friend, are not good enough to get a factory ride, even as a replacement. Get Pourcel, Kawasaki. Just swallow your pride, break out the check book, and get Pourcel. Or get no one, because not qualifying looks about as good to the fans as showing up to the Pit Party and hiring Monster BROs instead of girls. Gross.

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