Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Word For Word: My Reaction To The CBS Coverage

More than a few people have sent in stuff asking me to talk about the shitty coverage by CBS, and for the most part I've ignored it because I didn't really care. To be honest, I usually think the coverage of races sucks, no matter what channel. SPEED does ok, sure, but since they cycle through about five different commercials over and over, it becomes next to unbearable. Even when they do the webcast for the nationals with no commercials, there's always some glitch with the audio or video that makes me look up at the sky and ask "Why do you hate me?" Of course, my conversational acclaim when watching Supercross resembles that of David Della Rocco from The Boondock Saints (but you already knew that). Battle on the track? Ok, wait for it, wait for it...he's about to make the pass....Cut to the fat guy who hasn't yet realized he's on camera but will in a few seconds, only to realize that he has crippling stage fright! It's funny, having actually sat next to a camera guy at a race, listening to them talk to each other can really open your eyes as to how clueless most people working a race really are. "Get on #2" "Who's 2?" "The green bike". C'mon man, really? Does it ever cross your mind that since you are working a Supercross, you might just want to educate yourself a little about the sport? How hard is it to know what's what at the races, especially when doing so would tremendously enhance your ability to perform your own job?

I don't know why, but this weekend I really saw what everyone was talking about with the CBS coverage. Basically everything I just talked about, with fucking highlights. I hate highlights more than I hate terrorism. And this is America, Jack; I HATE terrorism. Then MMI Tech Tips for half an hour. Who wants to watch the tech tip over racing? Even MMI graduates would say "Um, why the shit am I watching some asshole spin wrenches? I can do that in my garage." Talk about cannibalizing your own effect on the market. Just pisses people off more than anything. Did anyone think that was cool? And if so, do us all a favor and stop watching. You can literally go on the internet and whack off to thousands of pages like that. Yes, literally. And contrary to popular belief, I love watching the LCQ. Always good for a bucket of laughs. I definitely revert to the mental capacity of a standard NASCAR fan when that moto lines up. MMI should just sponsor the LCQ, then make videos for YouTube after the race of the privateers putting their bikes back together [pulling their handlebars and pegs out of each other's asses]. Now THAT is how you make the most out of your sponsorship dollars.This is the social media age, MMI, fucking get with it.


  1. Not positive, but I'm pretty sure the producers for CBS and SPEED are the exact same.

  2. SPEED sends their feed of the race over to CBS. so its really the same coverage with just different graphics

  3. They are the channel is the only thing different. Davey Coombs or Ping wrote about it on Racerx in Racerhead or Ask Ping,but definitely the same exact show different network.