Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Let's Talk About The Latest Fox Gear

So this is the latest offering from the big guys of the MX apparel biz. You guys should know that I do actually care about what our gear looks like, and am definitely critical of the product offering we see on the regular. Pretty much every big company now comes out with a spring offering, sort of the 2011.5 set. It usually comes out right before the season starts for those of us who live in the places where winter actually means more than a frigid 65 degrees, so you know that they are really shooting for the stars with the spring sets, to get you buying right away for the approaching season. It should come as no surprise that I am sufficiently disappointed with this stuff. Like your dad when you told him that you stole a Snickers from the 7-11. I mean, right at the dead center of the fiery, harum-scarum set of nonsense is a Fox logo in front of a set of crossbones. It's like they don't even read this blog. Actually, scratch that. They DEFINITELY read this, because that Fox head clearly began life as a skull, then they got the low down on what's good and had an emergency design meeting. "Bros, we are out of options, what can we do?" Then the new guy shouted out an idea and earned himself a spot at the big kids' table. "I might be thinking crazy here, but...stay with me...we could put the logo in place of the skull." Dude, brilliant. Fucking brilliant. Wrap around that enough gothic font to make Ed Hardy Ed Rock Hard-y and you have a product on your hands. Couple of dragon wings here, some incoherent "B-roll" design there, and we're finished, let's go get some Red Bull Vodkas. Be honest, the codename for this gear during development was "Bottle service", right? Talk about making your job more difficult. Swear to God, a black jersey with a big, white "Fox" diagonally across the core would sell ten times better. Straight from Eazy, you can take that to the bank.

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