Friday, February 11, 2011

Random Thoughts with Eazy

Why does the arrow on the track preview throw whips over the triples? What is that supposed to add to the experience of watching Supercross? Not even that I especially dislike it, but it just makes no sense to me. I don't get it, Feld. Fuck.

What is up with that Rocky Mountain MC company? It's always seemed like they have no idea what the core riders are interested in, just from their ads. It's always some random guy and his chick or BROs, usually wearing cheap, shitty gear and riding bikes that in no way look like they belong to an experienced racer. This video was the most recent one I could track down on the YouTube. Kind of an old one, but it still holds the same tone as the latest offering. Sure, maybe they are trying to push those brands, but they are doing one shitty job making it seem appealing to real racers. And no, if you wear ARC gear and aren't getting paid, you are NOT real. Now they at least use more mainstream brands, but they choose the shitty product lines to display. All I'm hearing is one thing, and that's that these Rocky Mountain oysters don't know what's what.

And Emig's "push the front wheel" explanation on the show this weekend was the cheapest time-consumer I've ever seen. Just like getting a root canal in the eyes or something. "These riders push the front wheel because they are pushing SO HARD." Um, thanks, BRO, even though that's the vaguest and most generic explanation since "It's not you, it's me" was so brilliantly contrived by James Bond or Buck Nasty or some other player-hating savant. I was definitely not a fan. How about more coverage of the fucking races?

Tomac and Hansen's battle was killer. A few people were bad mouthing Hanny when he passed Tomac back, but come on, that was happening all day long, nothing Tomac could do about it. He knew, too. He tried to protect the line, but it wasn't going to work. Ever.


  1. are those pants that that kid is putting on in the commercial really put on with a fucking string rather than a button or ratchet strap, what the fuck, old school is gay rocky mountain, its old school for a reason you dumb fucks

  2. cant wait to cop me some ARC gear!!