Friday, February 11, 2011

A2 BROment of the Week

Here we go with the inaugural BROment of the week, where I pick one racing/racing-related occurrence that I saw at the race the previous weekend and decide that then and there did the true spirit of BROtocross really get shared with the world. And the winner this week.....Ivan Tedesco's and Kevin Windham's heat race get-together!

Not even that there was any real stupidity exhibited by anyone involved, but you can totally hear them talking to each other after the crash (if you use your imagination); "Bro, seriously?" "Don't call me bro, bro." Like, that was pretty much as BRO of a crash as it gets without wearing a sleeveless shirt or something radical like that; no one gets hurt, and it was seriously close to being fucking ugly. Tedesco moves over another foot to his left and the race gets canceled, kids, due to dead people on the track. But luckily the universe has a sense of humor and not a sandy vagina, so we get this. The whole thing really isn't anyone's fault, which makes it all the more humorous. Because anyone who has been in a similar situation knows that the first thing you think is "What the fuck is this joey doing out on the track?" There is almost always a mutual blame game involved, and I think that's funny. I definitely lol'd when this happened. It's also great that they get the bikes started at almost the exact same time, because they have to get right back into it. Just keep the battle train moving. Whoo Whoo.You know they were both thinking "Fuckin' a, I have to deal with this bitch AGAIN?"

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  1. AND IVAN STICKS THE LANDING! Like a fucking ballerina. I'd give that a solid 9 & 1/2. Wow.