Friday, March 25, 2011

Chad Reed's Wife Can Tell The Future From The Moon. Wait, What?

From Grind TV - You know, Ellie [Reed, his wife] said right before the main event, "There's this crazy moon and it's creating havoc. Be careful. Don't try to make anything happen that's not naturally going to happen and be smart out there." And so all that was running through my head. And so, my wife, I guess, can predict the future. She's just pretty gnarly. Full Interview Here

Ok, I'm going to really try to finesse this one in there. You can't approach a post like this with a loose trigger finger. Like, I have no problem making fun of the guys out there, but I know that it could set a motherfucker off to make fun of his woman. So like I said, I'm just going to roll this one in, nice and Eazy, and you can take it as you want it. 

I must say that it would fuck with my head to have my lady friend whispering shit about the havoc that the moon is creating while I'm getting ready to do work in the main. Seriously, woman, it's time to race and you're giving me my fucking horoscope on the line. It might seem really wise, the "don't do anything that isn't naturally happening," but in essence, that is pretty much the emptiest statement you could make. Yeah, sweet, whatever winds up happening is what would have naturally happened. Clearly, it didn't really affect Chad, so props to him for knowing how to process that whirlwind of lunar information, because I would have been backwards on the line trying to make sense of that.

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