Monday, March 28, 2011

BROmance for BROtocross: From The Sands Of Daytona Beach

Now this is how you show BROtocross some love. I'm very seriously considering having a contest, where the person who shows the best BROmance for BROto gets a special something. What can you do to top this shit? I mean, that looks damn near perfect. The writing is clean and refined, the sand looks like it was shaped by a special sand zamboni or something. This also earns extra points because I'm freezing my nuts off in the Northeast right now and it reminds me that someday, somewhere, global warming will put an end to this epidemic.

If you think you can top this, post your BROmantic gesture to the BROtocross Facebook page (make sure you like it first, dick) and see if you can compete. If enough people do it, I will make this an actual contest. For now, if it's deemed worthy by Eazy, it will make an appearance on the blog.

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