Monday, March 21, 2011

DS164 + BROtocross Vid: Justin Barcia at Jacksonville

From DS164 Edits - He absolutely killed it this week at Jacksonville. He was on fire the entire day, as always, and was un-touchable in the main. Lousy gate-pick and all, he ripped the hole shot and it was smooth sailing from there. The amateur hour is about myself. Which is probably 100% appropriate considering all I've got to write on is a Facebook page and a blog. But either way, it's true. I'd been talking with Justin about doing an interview and blew it. Not gonna get into any details, but I'll just say there was some confusion with the on/off switch to the microphone. Non-the least, I ended up with an interview with no sound, which totally stunk because it was a great interview. Lots of energy, joking around, fans getting involved and everything. You're able to catch the very end of it though as he coincidentally turned the mic on as he grabs it from my buddy Drew Torrance.

DS164 Edits just posted this vid. As you can read above, we had a real hardcore expose interview with Justin that would have blown away your perceptions of what is possible in an interview with a motocross rider. No sponsor plugs, just real conversation. Drew Torrance (one of the BROto interns at J-ville) had a compelling back and forth with the 250 East points leader. We even had some little guy interrupt the interview for an autograph, only to quickly find himself plugging BROtocross. You know, for the kids. Unfortunately, the mic was turned off for the whole goddamn interview, so all of that footage was fucked since Jump Street. Oh well, I will step in and say that when asked what is his favorite MX blog, Barcia quickly shot back to the camera, "BROtocross, bro!!" True story.

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