Monday, March 21, 2011

A BROto Experience in Jacksonville. Part 1

The BROtocross crew managed to make it to the Jacksonville round this past weekend, so I'm going to throw a few Eazyisms your way with my perspective of the race and the goings-on around it throughout this week. This one will start us off.

I would have to say that my favorite part of the Jacksonville SX happened when I was not even around to bask in its awe-inspiring glory. I wasn't going to roll into Jax Lonesome Ranger-style, so I brought the BROto "interns" along for the ride. In essence, we were running the show in the press box, and people were starting to take notice. I was on a BRO mission in the stadium right before the heats, so I had made my way to the exit when some BRO decided that it was time to get rid of the hooligans who were drinking beers and getting all the attention from the already slim pickins of female talent in the press box. The guy shows up, veins popping, nostrils flared, and face turning redder than the Devil's bare ass, demanding to know who the interns were with. Their answer was a swift and hearty "BROtocross, bro." Homeboy then suddenly decides that he is not equipped with the legislative or intellectual capacity to make the kick-out call; he turned to some of the BROfficial press guys with the demeanor of a panicking child rapist turning to his lawyer for counsel as the judge asks which "Pound you in the ass" prison he'd like. The second the word "BROtocross" reached their ears, they hurriedly exclaimed that BROtocross is the "Wall Street of motocross" and might have even said that he should chiggity-check himself before he wrecks himself. Again, I wasn't there, so I don't know the exact quotes. I know that the guy then quickly apologized to the boys in BRO and let them go about their business. I'm not sure who those BROs were who helped out the interns, but clearly they got the picture that BROtocross is at fucking mogul status now. I'm definitely getting some of these business cards. I think now is the appropriate time. Zuckerberg and Eazy; tomato, tomAHto.

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