Thursday, March 24, 2011

So Close, Europe. So Close.

Someone sent me a link to this video of the M.O.D. show in Vienna. These freestyle shows are starting to become an international thing. But as we all know, freestyle is pretty much just an exhibition versus a sport to me. Normally, I would have passed over it like I was Moses or Judas or whoever, but the Vienna part caught my eye. Those eastern European types are really on a whole other level of show business. I watched, and I was kind of indifferent throughout. Like, there were some great whips in there, and it's actually on dirt which is good (Nuclear Cowboyz takes place on recycled condoms or something retarded like that). But honestly, it could have had so much more. First of all, get rid of the quads and snowmobiles. Quads are the worst thing Satan ever created, and snowmobiles with a lack of snow are more useless than a Vegas stripper with moral values. Second, I want raves to be going on in every inch of free space in that building. Fucking sex, ex, and FMX. Ecstasy up the ass and crazy trance music the whole time, glow sticks lighting the place so the riders are barely visible. Now THAT is how you throw a Euro freestyle show. Take notes, MOD squad.

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