Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Head to Head: Pro Joe Of Jacksonville

This might be the most stacked Pro Joe Head to Head that there will ever be. In this corner, Ryan Villopoto. Not making the main when you are in the points lead? I don't think that's ever happened to a rider that wasn't hurt; like, a rider started the race day, and rode away without any injuries. Never happened. Fucking C class material. You can place all the blame you want on the slower guys, but Cryin' Ryan whiffed it, no way around that.

But you know what's worse than not making the main when you're in the points lead? DNFing the main when you are going for that points lead. That's right, it should come as no surprise that James "Joe Show" Stewart is the challenger. This has already been discussed earlier this week, so I'll keep it pretty brief. That was some real bullshit, and I can only picture Larry Brooks sipping a margarita in Tahiti or something with a Mr. Burns look, exclaiming "Excellent" over and over.

Basically, the decisive factor to this one should be who blew it the hardest on his own. Shit luck aside, who could have done more to prevent his Joe-ness at J-ville?

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  1. RV2 could have known he was getting into trouble and checked up on the start. He wouldn't have too much trouble working to the front from mid pack. Stewart got landed on / hit in the head with a fucking bike. As much as he may be wild, I'd have to say this one really wasn't his fault.