Monday, March 28, 2011

Let's Talk About The Alpinestars + Y&R Collab

By now most of you have seen this about A-stars and Y&R doing a little collab set. Obviously, being the dominant male mind of the motocross world, I knew instantly that it was Fiolek on the bike. The dead giveaway was the Red Bull helmet. Drama is Rob's property, BRO, and he's all Monster. And I suppose the fact that Fiolek is about 5'0 in heels could have given me a clue, as well. I am glad that I took the time to watch the whole thing, though, because I was throwing on my typing gloves about halfway through it getting ready to tear them a new one for trying to pass that off as Drama. Dodged a big bullet of stupid there.

Don't really have too much to say here other than I am happy to see Alpinestars sticking to motocross as their core sport. Surfing gets a lot more customers into PacSun than MX does, so I would have expected to see Drama getting his shred on at Huntington Beach over joeing around on a 50. But I'm into this. Not sure that I believe that Drama is actually into motocross, though. I do know that his gear/helmet combo is about a thousand times nicer than the product I'm rocking, which never fails to piss me off. Like, I don't care who you are or how much money you have; when you can't twist the throttle without staring at it, I don't want to see you with a nicer set up than me. This would never happen in a communist nation. Send that shit my way, BRO. I need a new lid and gear. I am not even close to above taking handouts. Donations are more than welcome; they are encouraged.

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