Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Metal Mulisha Going For The Speedo Market

So this is the latest in the Metal Mulisha viral marketing effort, and I have to say that I am thoroughly confused as to what they're trying to say to me here. Even if I liked the Mulisha and embraced that type of persona/lifestyle, I still can't imagine thinking that this would be something worth watching. What does being a mediocre diver have to do with the Metal Mulisha? Like, with the Poached thing, they were saying "Yeah, BRO, we're so bad ass and do illegal stuff and don't give a motherfuck about it," even though all of that was taken care of for miles with permits and pussy, non-Mulishit like that (that's a new word, I call it). But this With or Without My Dirtbike campaign is certainly not off to a very MM-toned beginning. Even if he was totally murdering it out there, it's diving. Speedos, shaved bodies, and limbering up buddies of the same gender. That's Mulisha now, I suppose.

Oh, and enjoy this because BRO will be offline tomorrow as I begin my 20-hour trek to Jacksonville SX. Yeah, 2-0. Woof.

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