Monday, March 7, 2011

Ryan Villopoto Didn't Lap Stewart Because He Was Afraid Of Getting Taken Out. Um.... What?

From Motocross Action - You also probably saw that Villopoto wanted no part of lapping Stewart. He let James go on his merry way for the last couple corners. Why? There was a slim chance that James would put up a fight to not be lapped and cause a crash, and Villopoto had no reason to lap one of his main competitors and set off some kind of feud. Ryan was being smart. Full Article Here

Nope. Wrong. Incorrect. The fact that they have the balls to call themselves experts is what really compelled me to post this. Are these MXA guys serious? It's possible that they're just trying to be funny. They're all old so their funny bones have long since shriveled and died a horrific death, making humor a sickeningly distant pipe dream for their wretched and feeble minds. Don't laugh; Alzheimer's is not a laughing matter.

Does anyone actually believe that Villopoto refrained from lapping James because he didn't want to get taken out? Could it perhaps be because he caught him with three turns to go and had a 20 second lead? Yeah, James was still pretty much motoring, and when you have three turns to go with a 20 second lead, you carry that puppy home like the Jamaican bobsled team did at the end of Cool Runnings. I very much doubt that Villopoto said to himself "I could pass James, but I could get taken out." Lapping someone isn't much of an accomplishment if he was about 1:10 down on the fifth lap on a track with a 1:20 lap time. Ryan knew that, and if James had done anything stupid he would have cost himself much more than the points he would have gained in taking Ryan out. Simply stated, Villo did what anyone does when they have a 20 second lead for the last half lap. But you MXperts wouldn't know anything about that, would you?

By the way, this whole thing started with the discussion of Alessi letting Stewart by, which was fucking hilarious. You almost can't even blame Mike, because he was definitely being shown the blue flag with Stewart right behind him, but it was still really really really really funny. Like, of course it would happen to him. That was just God saying "Hey Eazy, I like you and what you do." Well, God, I like you and what you may or may not do, too. Right on, brother. God is my boy.

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  1. You are a douche bag. For starters, you suck at reading. In no way did they ever even come close to saying that Villopoto was "afraid of getting taken out", so a simple-minded paraphrase as such is completely out of order. Secondly MXA is an established publication that is not only printed on paper, but receives funding, unlike your cheap-ass blog. Maybe instead of bashing the established "experts", you should take into consideration what they have to say. You are a joke. Everything (which is essentially nothing) you stand for is a joke. I would be rather impressed to see something constructive on here instead of the usual negative feedback on the work that other people have accomplished. Oh, and just a tip, I wouldn't be too proud of my writing if the best reference I could come up with was from a Disney movie. Real fucking clever guy. So go ahead and reach your hand real far up your ass to see if you can feel your head. I'm sure its lost in there somewhere, but with modern technology and medical advancements, they might be able to give you a glass stomach so you can at least see where your going.