Monday, March 14, 2011

Will Someone Please Call James A Shrink?

It's no secret that the majority rule is Stewart is the most naturally gifted rider on the track these days. The ease at which he tackles features on a Supercross track is enough to make just about anyone reconsider why they even choose to participate against such Herculean ability. The guy can do things that literally no one else on the planet can or chooses to. So why the fuck doesn't he win every race by a minute plus? I'll tell you right now, James Stewart is more talented than Ryan Villopoto. Absolutely no doubt about it. I'm sure most people would agree, so I ask again, why doesn't he win every race? First of all, James doesn't have a hint of defense in his riding style. I think Albrecht said it once when he was James' mechanic; he rides very far forward on the bike, so any mistake is very costly. How many times has he pushed the front end in a corner? I honestly think it's happened at every single race. But he doesn't actually fall sometimes, so with that Marianas Trench of talent that he's got it should be no prob to still win a race, no?

The problem is that Stewart has built it up in his head that he is the best. It's true, but every time he makes a mistake, his mind mindfucks him into panic mode and he starts really BROing for it. That's when the little mistakes start coming up wholesale, and James continues to mindfuck himself deeper and deeper into Panicland, where he is the mayor, representative, and C.E.brO. The dude puts so much pressure on himself to win that he doesn't win. That's the only explanation I can think of. "The Fastest Man on The Planet." "Number One In My Sport." No one wants to watch a show about the guy who got second in Supercross, right? Chin up, Bubs; Dancing With The Stars is always looking for new has-beens of reality television. My point is that James needs a psychiatrist, a hypnotist, or anyone that can put him in a catatonic state when he gets on the motorcycle, so that all he can do is ride it. No thinking. Thinking hurts. No brains, no headaches, BRO.

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  1. I agree!!!! Why can't other people see the things in MOTO this way? I swear there's a limited amount of people out there that actually know what there talking 10%! You have it down, or we just think alike! Haha!!