Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Is Anyone Surprised That MX vs. ATV Alive Is Terrible?

Oh yeah, hot trick, BRO.

Well the general consensus from pretty much everyone on Alive is... It sucks. You know, dick. I can't help but laugh and laugh and laugh. That game looked like shit from the get-go. Serves you dumbasses right. I mean, I thought Reflex was pretty bad, and this game always looked way worse. The boys at Vurb did a game review, and just read it for yourself. What did they like? All the shit that carried over from Reflex, plus some hella insignificant shit. What didn't they like? Everything important. Handling, camera, preload, physics. Way to spin it positively, BROs, but you essentially just shit on the game in the nicest way possible.

Everyone was so excited for Alive and I couldn't figure it out at all. It really looked awful all along. I watched game play videos, I watched trailers, and the whole time I'm thinking "Does any video game developer out there actually ride?" Of course the answer is no, because those guys are all nerds. The fucking hand gestures are a dead give-away. If you're trying to give me a realistic, state-of-the-art moto game, don't have my guy throwing obscure gang signs to riders as they pass him. No one would think that's cool. Not a 12 year old, not a 21 year old, and anyone over 30 is categorically dead when it comes to video games anyway. Seriously, though, how many times did you guys have to edit the game because the word "motorcross" showed up? NERDS!


  1. LOL everyone around here likes the game its slow at first but after a you play it and your bike levels up its ALOT better. Its better than reflex only things i dont like are the dumb taunts which everything agrees is stupid and the rider body position is off and needs work but the bikes all handle and ride alot better than the old one and the atvs are alot of fun now. Its not perfect but its come along way from reflex

  2. Roncada is a game developer

  3. yeaaaa "atvs are alot of fun now"

  4. @Gary - Roncada is NOT the developer. Alive was made by THQ, he works for 2XL.

  5. It might be bad or just "Bro-K" but it really is all we have. There are some decent superbike games but nothing for moto and supercross.

  6. MX vs ATV ALive is TOTALLY crap. DO NOT buy this game - you will have enough of it in about 15 mins and then throw it away. Sooooooooooooo disappointing after REFLEX was so good.

    Do yourselves a favor and wait for the next one, or the new DIRT.