Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Compliment Sandwich: Ryan Dungey

Yeah, kids. It's that time again. With the off week, I'm bringing some actual moto discussion between the retarded crash videos. Time for the Compliment Sandwich - Ryan Dungey edition.

Let's see, something good, something good. Well, Ryan, they say the best way to perform is to exceed expectations. That's why it's typically better to slightly lower people's expectations of you, then perform at your average level. Not saying that Ryan's technique directly followed that path, just saying, you know? Anyhoo, my point is that Ryan came into the Suzuki deal for the 450 class as their "Top 5" kind of guy. They probably gave him a top 3 bonus structure, thinking they'd save some serious change. But lookey lookey, Ryan won about 20 races and send Suzuki to the poorhouse. You know, it's usually not a good thing to throw your employer into crippling debt, but for Ryan, it was the mark of totally outperforming his job description. Isn't that something? So, yeah, there was supposed to be a compliment in all that nonsense.

Ok, now an area where you need improvement. Say a swear, Ryan. It doesn't have to be graphic. You know, just a "shit" here, or a "bitch" there. I have it on good authority that Ryan lets the fucks fly when he's on the golf course, so it's not a medical condition or anything. I want the guy up front to be a guy that I'd like to hang out with, not the first runner-up for the Good Girl awards behind Miss Daisy. I understand the logic behind his behavior, and it's kind of admirable. But I'm over it, BRO. That's right, I'm BROver it.

Now, something good, something good....that last name has been killing it for my vocabulary for the past year. "You're done-gy" or "It's done-gy" have been regular entries on the stenographer records of my life. I've said it more than a few times on this blog, so I can only hope it's spreading like a SoCal wild fire now. Although I'm taking full credit here, I definitely have to footnote Ryan on this, so thanks for that, BROseph Lieberman.

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