Monday, April 25, 2011

Woman Eating Shit On BROlisha 250

This is what happens when there's no race on the weekend. I have nothing to blog about until I find videos of old women riding their redneck son's shitty bike into the ground. How do I know this guy's a redneck? He runs the old, black CR250, but he doesn't live in the 909. Boom, redneck. Oh, and he lives in fucking Nebraska or some shit. Never let your mom ride a bike that's got more horsepower than her Wal-Mart shopping scooter, BRO. Rookie mistake.


  1. I love how gramps has his infant grandson on his lap while riding a gAyTV (ATV). Nothin' but class.

  2. Loopout Lady. The biggest surprise here is that the bike was still running and didn't stall.