Friday, April 29, 2011

Europe Is Killing It This Week - Monster Sand Party

As much as I'd love this blog to be pure comedy all the time, there are times when I see something that's really just worth showing people. Essentially, when there's something on this interweb that I think speaks to/for the core of the sport, I'm probably going to blog it, funny or not. You know, something that makes you say "Hey, motocross riders are pretty rad." Then more women will dig our vibe, and that is pretty much everyone's end goal with this game, no?

Anyway, Europe is totally working for me this week. I'm usually as much of a foreign-hater as the next real American, but lately I just find myself on a Euro-bender. I'm digging the GPs, listening to trance music, even thinking about smoking cigs and eating bread in a quaint outdoor cafe setting. This shit is getting out of control. Speaking of music, thank you for something with real tempo, E-Dub. Any music that discourages the use of slow-mo is hot fire, in my book.

I have to say that I'm liking this new "behind-the-scenes" trend Monster is going with in its videos. It works people. Maybe someone with the Nationals will wake the fuck up and start doing this, as well.

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