Friday, April 29, 2011

Pourcel Watch 2011 Update: The Decision?

So according to Steve Matthes via Racer X, Pourcel is a done deal with MotoConcepts Yamaha. Um, out of left field much? You never know the story until it's over, huh? Kid's publicly testing with Geico and Valli, now he's going to fucking MotoConcepts. Everyone was even saying "Oh, he's definitely going with a Bro Circuit team because Mitch has sworn his undying allegiance to the Frenchies." Now, he's going with a team that has no affiliation with PC that I know of.

If this is true, then wow, home run for MotoConcepts. How do you pull that off? I mean, the only thing I can think of is money, because there's no way these guys have the resources of say the Geico team. But they also have a pretty full roster, and they're a small team, anyway. This is blowing my mind. Either some prince from Abu Dhabi just invested in the MC team or DV pulled some French voo-doo with his countryman. Either way, you guys are fucking champions, MotoConcepts. Pourcel up front and Tommy Hahn pulling some solid top 3s and top 5s. This one's for you....

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  1. dude wtf?! wasnt it quite abvious that dv and cp DON'T like each other? like, at all? villamin is always tweeting shit about pourcel and in the Racer X interview it was abviously stated that pourcel and dv have a beef with each other...