Monday, April 11, 2011

Is This The Most Badass Name In All Of Motocross?

From ESPN Moto - When it comes to countries that ring a bell when FMX is mentioned, Russia is definitely NOT one of them. However, over the years, the world's largest country has mustered up enough talent to put them on the map and Alex Kolesnikov is leading the charge. Along his travels, Kolesnikov has made friends with Europe's best riders, so when the notoriously frigid weather becomes too much to handle, he loads up his bike and heads to Italy to visit Vanni Oddera, Alvaro Dal Farra, Massimo Bianconcini and the rest of the Daboot crew. Full Interview Here.

Honest to God, the only reason I'm blogging this is because I can't get over how awesome this kid's last name is. Like, sure he looks like he's got some tricks and that whip pic is the balls, but we all know that freestyle isn't usually my cup of tea. But the name "Kolesnikov" (which had better be pronounced "kalishnakov") is just the absolute pinnacle of manhood. I feel emasculated simply reading, and feel that my life would be exponentially better if I had it. I don't know why, but it's got me captivated. I definitely think the feeling is influenced by this scene from "Lord Of War". If I was this kid, I'd be carrying around something playing this scene all day long.

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