Friday, April 1, 2011

Kawasaki: The K Stands For Krazy Fun. Right?

Just another one of those attempts by a company to say "Hey guys, we can be fun, too." It's like when corporations institute weird theme days to boost morale. This seems like the "Wacky Tie Friday" of YouTube videos. I will say, however, that I totally sympathize with the riders here. I can only imagine how ridiculous I'd feel saying the dumb shit that they have to say for these promo videos, albeit with a straight face and enthusiasm. Of course, if Kawi was paying me six figures to ride a motorcycle, I'd be doing promo videos with goddamn bells on.

But, I did like when the dude says "Don't bring your girlfriend if she's hot and you're not fast." I smell a T-shirt in the making.


  1. Hmmm according to Racer X this is an April fools day 'blooper' video - hey BRO I get paid to ride and not act.
    This is gold though Eazy I mean where do you start? Jethro at 0.44 who's struggling to remember how many laps a race is. Weimer at 1.09 who looks pretty stoned. The crazy Kamakazi Asian at 1.54 jumping in the drink. Loving the his and hers at 2.12. And finally those two goons at 2.48 need some serious help.
    Think of the dollar Hanny, think of the dollar...

  2. major Broverload

  3. ahahahahahahahahha don't bring your girlfriend if shes hot... and your not fast