Friday, April 15, 2011

Kickstart The Weekend With An Epic Superbike Fail Win

Some non-MX content to open up the weekend again. Honestly, the title of this video just nails it. It's got the motorcycle, it's got the fail, and then the subsequent win. I must again question the legitimacy, because I can't really figure out why the guy ditches the bike in the first place. He looked like he was getting pretty nice with it in that corner. I'm not saying definitely fake, but I'm open to the suggestion that it is. Regardless, got to give it to this BROmie for having the heart to chase it down. He had to be on his fucking horse to catch that shit, and he nailed it. I swear to God, I almost did something very similar to this. Granted, it was on a pitbike, but I'd say that makes it more difficult. I was so close, it was within reach, then that dumbass 110 plopped over and I stood there like an asshole.

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