Friday, January 14, 2011

Reader E-Mail: The Proof That At Least One Less Wheel Makes It Better

Yo Eazy,

I’m digging your BROtocross blog. Good shit indeed. Since you’ve recently posted some great videos I thought I would share a gem of a video that we here at the [Insert Goggle Company Here] office have had hours of fun watching/making fun of.

This video is affectionately called “Crazy ATV”

Umm, making fun of? How about praising as the next coming of Jesus? This guy is all that is athlete. Anyone who has ever ridden a three-wheeler knows that they were clearly an invention by Hitler or someone of the sort to destroy the world's population. That thing might as well be an electric chair with wheels. And never in the history of redneck motorsports has there been one man who can tame that a beast with such merciless fury. This guy needs to get signed by everyone, and I mean right now. I don't know if I've ever seen a video of a man flaunting his "Dominant Male" capacity like this guy. He might as well have just banged your girlfriend while you sit crying and videotaping in the corner. The acrobatic ability of this dominant male exceeds just about every rider who you'll see at Phoenix tomorrow. That shit at :50 blew my goddamn mind. Then he goes for that step up (I believe this is at High Point) and just cases his face on the handlebars harder than he cased the fucking jump. But this guy lacks the ability to fall, it just isn't an option. Even when the vehicle disintegrates under him, it ain't no thang. Just keep twisting the throttle and leaning that bitch sideways.


  1. HOLY SHIT you actually like a part from an atv motocross movie hahaha, just a question, would you still have your burning hatred for ATV's if they didn't ride on the same track as you, at the same time?

  2. Same time doesn't matter BRO. Sure, it adds some to the hatred, but they ruin the tracks they ride. If quads were totally segregated from bikes, different tracks and all, I'd probably have no problem with them. Well, I'd still think they were retarded.

  3. I started my love of BROtocrossing on a three-wheeler(boooo)which was common among my father and every other loved one that could lay of the shine long enough to stand up. Here's the serious question : How long after this does it take to remove yourself from the stigma of the tres' wheeler ? I spent the infant years of my motorized vehicle life on one...still feeling guilty...Should I ?

  4. rofl wot a crazy bastard some people..

  5. That was phat. Pretty sure it was a segment from an old Huevos Grande vid.